How to disassemble and make your own iPhone 6 framed wall deco
This unique design doesn’t just make the iPhone as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside through the artistic arrangement. In other words, iPhone 6 will accompany you in a new way.
An awesome tech birthday gift idea for your boyfriend
  Picking a birthday gift for a boyfriend is a tough thing, especially if you want to find a unique gift he will adore. If you feel like you're all...
Have an idle iPhone 4? Make it into an Amazing framed iPhone

The iPhone 4 frame looks really fantastic. The black wooden frame, into which the real glass is embedded, hides the iPhone 4 disassembled into its basic parts, with a description of the individual parts. In the bottom left corner, there is a quote from Steve Jobs with "his signature". Everything looks perfect.

Have a useless iPhone3G? Turn it into a framed artwork
Do you have an old iPhone 3G that is useless but reluctant to throw away? What to do with your iPhone 3G? How about turning it into a framed artwor...
Original iPhone teardown and framing tutorial
You may be thinking about what to do with your old iPhone, especially the original iPhone. Have you ever thought about turning your old iPhone into...
How to tear down an iPhone X and turn it into a framed artwork
iPhone X is the Apple's 18th iteration. Step 1 Turn off the phone and remove SIM Card -Press the wake button and volume down button to turn off th...

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