How to disassemble and make your own iPhone 6 framed wall deco

Apr 20, 2022

iPhone 6 frame

Some technology-loving people may love to set up their own workspace, with some unique tech decorations. But what decorations are unique enough?


If you’re looking for a special tech decorations gift for your geek friends, and you do think about it, here’s a reference: an iPhone 6 frame. Just as its name implies, an iPhone 6 is broken into all its parts and framed.


Brilliant idea, right?

 iPhone 6 frame

DIY your own iPhone 6 wall art


An iPhone 6 device shows its all components in a rectangle frame. And with this artistic artwork, you don’t just enjoy the sight of the technical drawing, but view the real parts of a disassembled iPhone 6. What a nice thing about it!


Then how to get a piece of deconstructed iPhone 6 wall art? There are two methods: buy it on Xreart, or if you love to DIY, Xreart not only sells the finished products but also supports you to make your own wall art. Check out Xreart here if you want to buy the DIY kit, template, and frame.


Please notice that Xreart has a series of iPhone teardown tutorials, before you DIY, make sure you have an old iPhone 6 that you don’t use, and check out the Xreart teardown tutorial for iPhone 6 here.


After tearing down the iPhone 6, what you need to do is put all of its parts laid out and labeled on a board, then paste the above components on the iPhone 6S layout paper. If you are using B6000 glue, you need to place it horizontally for 2-24 hours before framing the disassembled phone.


Finally, you will get a disassembled iPhone 6, which has then been framed very perfectly.

 Xreart iPhone frame

Best collection in 2022


If you had an iPhone in the day and looking for something to keep the memories of this classic device, look no further than this brilliant Xreart design. They deconstruct some of the most iconic pieces of technology in the last decade and make them into artistic frames.


This unique design doesn’t just make the iPhone as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside through the artistic arrangement, also, disassembled by hand, you'll be content to turn a classic into another timeless product. In other words, iPhone 6 will accompany you in a new way, or you can call it - the frame way.


Xreart iPhone 6 frame which is a decorative artwork of disassembled iPhone 6, arranges all of the phone’s elements neatly within the frame. By building this framed deconstruction artwork, Xreart can help you permanently preserve the tech products that are of special significance to you.


Xreart iPhone frame is a unique and precious gift idea for anybody who loves tech products. This is an artwork of elaboration and one of the best collections of 2022. More than that, they are a great product at a good price, and if you want to DIY, They also provide free template downloads. Pretty cool.

framed iPhone

If you need to consult the disassembly tutorial for other models, click here.

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