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Best Personalized Christmas Gifts of 2021
Christmas is a time when everyone is jolly. People get together to celebrate life, love, and friendship, eating their favorite meals, singing, and ...
Best Holiday Gift Idea 2021
Every time I prepare to give a gift, I can't escape the soul torture. What kind of gift is special? These framed artworks gave me another inspirati...
Time Shuttle: Nintendo GameBoy Era
The original Game Boy In 1989, Nintendo's designer Junpei Yokoi ushered in a new era of handheld history. This year, Nintendo launched the Game Boy...
The iPhone 13 can't escape the curse of planned memory obsolescence
In 2021, android phones have started with 8GB, and 12GB is the normal level. Some game models already come with 16GB of memory. How come apple's new iPhone has only 4GB of memory?
iPhone leaks a year early! That's it for the iPhone14?
So the iPhone13 hasn't changed much, what about the iPhone14? Renowned tech analyst Jon Prosser has dropped another apple bombshell with his latest video showing off designs for next year's iPhone14. He is said to have seen real phone pictures himself and recreated them.
The world's first PowerPoint was owned by Apple
Apple is an amazing company, now there's also a group of artists turning iPhones into PowerPoint presentations of a different kind, taking broken or old iPhones apart into photo frames adding a lot of fun in the combination of technology and art to life.

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