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DIY Teardown template

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If you have an old phone that cannot be used, you can download the drawing here and DIY a special souvenir of your own.

DIY Tools

If you don’t have tools for dismantling your phone, you can find tools for making frames at the bottom of the page. We provide glue, drawings, picture frames, dismantling tools, etc.

Purchase Xreart Framed Artwork

If you want to give yourself or a friend a special gift, you can also choose Xreart framed artwork. We also provide customized services.

iphone 5 teardown layout

iPhone 5 Teardown Template PDF/JPG

DIY knolling iPhone 5 teardown artwork

iphone5 teardown template download

Xreart iPhone 5 Teardown Framed Artwork

Personal Collection

iphone X teardown template

iPhone X Disassembly Template Drawing

DIY iPhone X Teardown Template

Free Dowenload
Classic iPhone X Teardown Framed Artwork

iPhone X Teardown Framed Artwork

Personal Collection and Nostalgic Gift


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