Transform the old iphone7 to a artwork as a Best gift for creative people?

Apr 21, 2022

tear down iphone7

     The iPhone7 smartphone is designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. They are the tenth generation of the iPhone. They were announced on September 7, 2016, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco by Apple CEO Tim Cook, and were released on September 16, 2016.

iphone7 case

Have you ever thought about turning your phone into a souvenir of your past that can stay with you forever?

Did you have an iPhone7?

Is it situation and condition good?

Take it to the repair shop for recycling?

It has your life story! Are you willing to give up?

Leave it in some corner of the room until its battery dissolves and its parts rust?

That was your favorite partner ever! Can you treat it like that to it?

Or give it to a child as a toy model?

That would be such a waste.

Actually, Xreart has a great tip for you:

This article is probably to give you good inspiration.


Some changes

iPhone7 has some changes in the design process.

The two bigger design changes on the iPhone7 are big talking points: it can now survive plunges into a swimming pool, thanks to the water-resistant chassis, and the headphone jack on the bottom of the phone is no longer there.

 iphone7 picture


If your iPhone7 doesn't work anymore, there are tools you can use to remove all the parts of the phone and glue them onto the drawings we've designed.

This is a very interesting DIY activity and special ceremony as if the life of this mobile phone has been redefined.

In the process of disassembling it, you will certainly encounter some problems, maybe you can not disassemble a part or encounter the other problems. You may remember the story and memory of this iPhone before......

It all belongs to you.

 iphone7 frame as a gift

Be an environmentalist

Many people's mobile phones, once broken and unusable, sit idle at home, not just taking up space. We can't think of any way to get rid of a phone that doesn't work, except to take it to a phone store for repair. But at that time, we already have a working iPhone7.

Following the environmentally friendly concept of recycling discarded mobile phones, we can learn from Xreart's concept of tearing them down and reassembling them into a work of art that can be viewed forever.

That's Xreart's company philosophy: Turn a discarded IPhone7 into artwork.

 iphone frame

Last but not least, how do we tear down the broken iPhone7?

Please refer to Xreart's official website's guidance article.


Once you've framed it, you can place it on your desk, on your wall, and decorate your room, office, or studio.


Best Gift for Creative People

If the holiday season is around and you are thinking of something special and meaningful to give her/him, this artwork would be a good choice.

When it is hung at her/his home or elsewhere, it will remind him of you whenever he sees it.


The highest sincerity of Xreart.

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