An awesome tech birthday gift idea for your boyfriend

Apr 18, 2022

Xreart iPhone frame


Picking a birthday gift for a boyfriend is a tough thing, especially if you want to find a unique gift he will adore. If you feel like you're all out of ideas, then how about an Xreart iPhone frame artwork?


There’s nothing cooler than seeing an iPhone turn into an incredible artwork. So, why keep an old iPhone thrown in a drawer when it can become a great hand-made tech gift? Not only will this frame satisfy his love of technology, but also show how much you love him.


Xreart iPhone frame


A unique gift - Xreart iPhone frame


Over the years, technology has continuously revolutionized our world. The consumer electronics industry is a standout example of constant innovation, with many great companies and landmark products emerging from this field. As consumers, we’ve personally experienced how these technologies have changed our daily lives, and some electronic devices may even hold special meaning for us. But with the release of each new generation of devices, the products that have accompanied us in the past gradually disappear and are no longer used. It’s this concept that led to the creation of Xreart Studio.


By disassembling the iPhone into a frame, we can keep our own memories. Personally, I really like the Xreart iPhone frame and it looks not only great on the wall but especially a unique thing. Under the glass, you can see clearly every part of the iPhone, although they are somewhat worn, those are all traces of what has been used,  all our memories.


iPhone frame

DIY your own iPhone frame


Xreart not only sells the finished product but also has DIY tools. More than that, you can download free templates on their website. If you want to make your own iPhone frame as a birthday gift to give your boyfriend, you can buy the tools on Xreart, then you need to dissect the phone, glue it on a pad, deal with framing, and so on. No worries, Xreart also has a series of tutorials. You can exactly find the tutorial on your iPhone. It’s the kind of thing that makes your boyfriend, a technology lover, that stop and see what "secret" is actually hiding in the phone.


After tearing down your iPhone, paste the above components on the iPhone layout paper. Don’t worry, they were labeled every part of the iPhone, you just need to put all of its parts laid out on the board. Tips: if you are using B6000 glue, you need to place it horizontally for 2-24 hours before framing the disassembled phone.


Then you will get a beautiful iPhone frame. I’m sure your boyfriend wants to hang it in his room or office.

framed iPhone

It’s an awesome gift to give to your boyfriend who loves tech/gaming/design, show them how much you care with this Birthday Gift just for them. Let's click the site and buy a gift for your boyfriend.


( By the way, if you need to consult the disassembly tutorial for other models, click here. )

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