How to tear down an iPhone X and turn it into a framed artwork

Dec 11, 2021

iPhone X teardown

iPhone X is the Apple's 18th iteration.

Step 1 Turn off the phone and remove SIM Card

-Press the wake button and volume down button to turn off the phone.

Step 2 Open the phone

-Use the Pentaloble screwdriver to remove the charging port screws. Heating the phone with a heat gun will the phone easily to be opened.

Step 3 Remove the iPhone X OLED screen

-Undo 5 screws shown in the picture below with a Tripoint #Y000 screwdriver;
-Please keep track of these different sized screws where they go;
-Release the battery, LCD screen, Digitizer, Ear speaker connectors with a spudger.

Step 4 Remove the ear speaker

-Undo 3 Y000 screws and heating the flex cable with a heat gun, we can remove the ear speaker easily.

Step 5 Remove rear-facing cameras

-Remove the 2 different sizes of Phillips #PH00 screws and remove the metal plate, release the rear cameras connectors.

Step 6 Remove motherboard

-Release all connectors on the motherboard with a spudger
-Undo 3 Phillips #PH00 screws on the mother board then take out the mother board.

Step 7 Remove Loudspeaker and Taptic engine

-Undo 8 screws on the retaining plate then remove the plate taking care to not break the small connector on the plate that connects just under the Taptic engine
-Remove the loud speaker and the Taptic engine.

Step 8 Remove battery

-Pulling out 4 battery adhesives with a tweezers then remove the battery.

Step 9 Remove front-facing camera

-Heating the front facing camera with a heat gun will make it easily to be removed.

Step 10 Remove the charging port and antenna

-Release 4 screws on the frame shown in the picture;
-Heating the charging port flex cable then remove it easily.

Step 11 Remove Wi-Fi antenna

-Release 7 screws on the Wi-Fi flex cable;
-Heating the flex cable with a heat gun make it easier to be removed.

Step 12 Remove power button flex cable

-Release 3 screws on the power button;
-Heating the flex cable with a heat gun then it can be removed easily.

Step 13 Paste the components on layout paper

-Then we can glue all parts and tools to Xreart's iPhone X template.

Step 14 Finish the artwork

-Finally we get a beautiful iPhone X frame artwork.

You can purchase templates for more iPhone models through this link:

Download iphoneX teardown parts diagram paper template for free:

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Tool Kit:

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