Time Shuttle: Nintendo GameBoy Era

Oct 25, 2021

Time Shuttle: Nintendo GameBoy Era

The original Game Boy

In 1989, Nintendo's designer Junpei Yokoi ushered in a new era of handheld history. This year, Nintendo launched the Game Boy game console that shocked the world (119 million sales). This handheld computer with a customized low-power CPU, 2.45-inch display and four-channel stereo holds excellent works. We can find Nintendo’s first masterpieces such as "Pokemon", "Mario Land", "Kabi", "Donkey Kong" and "Zelda". This handheld with a replaceable cassette design caters to the needs of players, thus introducing an advanced cassette design into the handheld.

gameboy framed shadowbox

Game Boy Pocket

Nintendo’s 8-bit handheld game console, on sale date: July 21, 1996. Color: 8 colors including primary colors, red, yellow, green, black, gold, silver, pink and transparent. Usually abbreviated as GBP.

The performance parameters and the Game Boy prototype have hardly changed. The only changes are the shape design, the battery model used, and the change in the display screen. In terms of body design, smaller and lighter make the whole host more user-friendly, and the display screen is larger and clearer than the prototype, making it feel more like playing games. The battery uses a non-series AA battery, but a single AA battery type 4 is used, which is not a good thing for players with multiple consoles; and this console has the shortest battery life in the series.

gameboy color

Game Boy Light

On April 14, 1998, Nintendo released the new GB model GameBoy Light with backlight and other features, which is fully compatible with previous GB games.

In view of the characteristics of the LCD screen, the previous GB mainframe can only be used when the light source is sufficient, which limits the characteristics of the handheld to play at any time. This time, the screen background lighting function is added to the hardware, so that the game screen can be displayed clearly even in a dark room. After the hardware is improved, the power consumption of the host is reduced, and the battery has a longer service life.


Game Boy Color

On October 21, 1998, Nintendo of Japan finally launched the GB color version Game Boy Color (GBC). The biggest difference between the new GB and the previous GB is the use of a color LCD screen. Since then, GB fans have entered the color world.

Compared to GG and GT, GBC is the smallest in size and weight, and is only slightly larger than GBP. In addition, the liquid crystal part uses thin film transistor TFT liquid crystal, which can display 58 colors out of 32,000 colors (note that the color change of SFC is 32,000 colors, while MD only has 512 colors). The more important TFT display image has no ghosting, which is the previous GB display, so it can be clearly displayed for some clearance and fighting games. The CPU of GBC has a speed mode, the memory is 4 times of the old GB, and the display is 2 times of the old GB. This allows some GBC dedicated cassettes to display amazing picture effects, the quality of which is no less than that of MD. GBC is compatible with GameBoy games, and the screen is colored, generally 4-19 colors. You can also adjust the displayed colors before entering these games. There are 13 sets of colors to choose from. Another special feature of GBC is that it has infrared communication function, so that the corresponding game can exchange data without a communication line. It can play 20 hours of games with 2 AA alkaline batteries, which is very power-saving.



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