Best Holiday Gift Idea 2021

Nov 26, 2021

Best Holiday Gift Idea 2021

Every time I prepare to give a gift, I can't escape the soul torture. What kind of gift is special? These framed artworks gave me another inspiration. It turned out that in addition to photos, frames can also play so many tricks.

Frame Your Old iPhone into the Frame

Do you have an old iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s at home? What to do with your old iPhone? Disassemble the used iphone into specimens and turn it into a framed artwork. Pretty cool, right?

Xreart iphone frame

For the Gamer: Framed Game Boy Console

Everyone remembers the first game console they played. Was yours a Nintendo? a  Genesis? Impress and inspire your memories by reconstructing the old Game Boy on a framed wall art poster. Your old Game Boy can be turned into a beautiful decoration. How awesome is this framed Game Boy Color!? 

Framed Game Boy Console

The Gift of Greenery

If you’ve visited Instagram, Pinterest, or even the Garden section of your local hardware store lately, it’s no secret a little succulent stash is quickly becoming a leading must-have piece of home decor! Take the work out of making a gorgeous planter for a friend and do the DIYing for them.

The Gift of Greenery

For the Sport Fans: Framed Your Beloved Jersey

You can use frames to memorialize and display your collectible jerseys from their favorite sports teams.

Framed Your Beloved Jersey


For game/apple lovers, the original first generation Gameboy/iPhone is remarkable memory.This tech frame with deconstructed first-generation Gameboy/iPhone is perfect for displaying your memorable device behind the glass. Your old device can be turned into a beautiful wall decoration.Best personal collections and nostalgia gifts for you or geeky/gaming friends! What do you think of this fun Framed Artwork?  

iphone 1 teardown

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