Why did Apple abandon all Qualcomm baseband chips?

Aug 03, 2022

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Apple's self-research 5G baseband chip may be about to face failure, as early as 2019 when it has been rumored to independently develop 5G baseband chip, and in the iPhone15 release, will completely abandon Qualcomm 5G baseband chip, using Apple's self-developed 5G baseband chip. But not for long, at the end of June this year, Apple's self-developed baseband chip project seems to have failed, iPhone15 may continue to use Qualcomm's 5G baseband chip, so why can't Apple develop a 5G baseband chip with technology development as the core? And why should Apple give up all Qualcomm baseband chips? Here's an analysis for everyone! The reason is two.

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One. In many people's impression, the chip used in the iPhone is Apple's self-developed A-series chips, in fact, as early as the iPhone was just born, the chips used are Qualcomm chips, as long as the use of Qualcomm chips, then it will buy chips from Qualcomm, iPhone sales are very large, Qualcomm chips are expensive, then Apple will need to Qualcomm pay huge amounts of money, which will affect Apple's commercial revenue, all Apple independently developed the A series of chips, and in performance also fully surpassed the Qualcomm chip. 5G baseband chip is also the case, in addition to the core chip in the phone, but also needs a chip responsible for communication transmission, that is, the baseband chip. Since the current mainstream communication network is the 5G network, the baseband chip for the 5G communication network is the baseband chip required by smartphone manufacturers worldwide. At present, the best 5G baseband chip is Qualcomm, in our country, Huawei also has independent research and development of 5G baseband chip technology, and has long been used in Huawei cell phones. 5G baseband chip is expensive, Apple needs to buy a lot of huge funds from Qualcomm every year to buy a 5G baseband chip, so Apple feels very uneconomical, so it decided to independently develop 5G baseband chip.

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II. IOS system in Apple cell phones and Qualcomm 5G baseband seems to be somewhat incompatible, when we use Apple cell phones to receive calls, we occasionally encounter poor picture quality or weak signal, which is not compatible with Qualcomm baseband chip is a big reason, because IOS belongs to the closed operating system, and Qualcomm baseband chip compatibility is not very well done, so Apple decided in 2021 Self-developed 5G baseband chip.

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But the reality and ideal, the baseband chip is very difficult to develop, to be much more difficult than the Kirin 9000, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8, A15 and other Soc type chips and other research and development. The reason why Apple has been using Qualcomm baseband chips for a long time is that it can't develop them successfully on its own, but Apple still tried the project of developing 5G baseband chips in 2019 and plans to be able to use its own 5G baseband chips in the iPhone 15 phones in 2023, which will not only get rid of the dependence on Qualcomm but also solve the iPhone poor call quality and weak signal communication problems. Can, this research and development or failed, to 2023 iPhone15 cell phone release, equipped with the baseband chip, should still be provided by Qualcomm 5G baseband chip.

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