Samsung's Self-healing Plan is Finally Here

Aug 05, 2022

Samsung's Self-healing Plan is Finally Here

Samsung's Self-healing Plan

After nearly half a year, Samsung's self-repair plan has finally come out. The iFixit team helps you fix your Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, or Galaxy Tab S7 by purchasing officially approved parts and tools and including guidelines for completing the repair process. Initially, the options were limited to the screen and battery, charging port, and back glass and ranged from $67 (a charging port) to $227 (Tab S7 display).
These kits include a free return label to help you ship damaged parts to Samsung for recycling. Self-repair programs are currently limited to the United States, but the companies expect to support more national, equipment and component repairs over time.

Samsung launched the program months after Apple launched it. This is both good and bad. While Apple does not yet offer a self-service kit other than a smartphone, it includes more components (such as a camera and a SIM tray) and is more detailed (you can even order your own screws). However, Samsung does not require you to rent or purchase a separate kit or call to complete the repair process. In other words, buy a part and you get everything you need.

Xreart don't have self-healing plan,but Xreart focused on turning waste into treasure.Instead of leaving it lying around in a drawer or even giving it to recycling, Xreart turns it into a work of art.

You may have seen some ads on social media for Xreart, a company that produces unique frames that disassemble Samsung Galaxy S into individual parts and then present them in a picture frame.

Now, let’s take a trip back in time and see the Samsung Galaxy S in a new way– as a piece of art!

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