Disused electronic art | How we combine environmental protection and art in disused electronic devices?

Jun 15, 2022

How we combine environmental protection and art in disused electronic devices

Art and technology concept

Art and artists have never been absent in the act of trying to change the city. In recent years, "environmental protection" has been a hot topic of discussion, with people from all walks of life promoting and advocating environmental protection in their own ways, and artists also conveying the message of cherishing the environment and raising environmental awareness through their paintings and sculptures. In any case, attempts to change the world through art, or to evoke reflections on life through art, have been continuing.

 Environmental Protection

A studio that combines environmental protection and art

The Xreart Studio was founded in 2019 as a photo studio and at that time also specialized in product photography. At an event, lead photographer Zach accidentally dropped his iPhone 6 from a 16-foot roof. Accordingly, the phone was of course defective and jumped apart. But it was too good for him to throw it away.

disused electronic

We can also refer to this environmental concept in our daily lives to reduce human pollution of the environment. The in-home decoration we can use products that combine environmental protection and art.

In an Apple forum, a post “Apple phone in a small display case” gave him the idea of ​​developing the first iPhone frame with the help of the rest of the team. And so the Xreart classic frames came about.

 iphone1 frame

In fact, environmental protection and art ceased to be two different things as early as the last century. Since the 1960s, a group of artists from England and the United States, dissatisfied with the limitations of painting, photography, or other artistic expressions, pursued art that was closer to nature and chose to enter the earth itself, using raw natural materials to create their works. This kind of work using natural materials is called "earth landscape" or "earth art". The number of practitioners has increased dramatically in just a few decades, and the scope of practice has expanded.

 protect environment

British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, who built the Subacuatico de Arte underwater museum off the coast of Cancun, Mexico, in 2009, has recently unveiled a new underwater artwork - a realistic version of Atlantis - that shows the destruction of natural marine habitats. The destruction of the natural marine habitat has once again caused a stir in the art world


Benjamin Von Wong & Wave Installation

ocean protection

It's hard to categorize the Canadian artist, who is known first for his creative filming techniques and then for combining the graphic aspects of photography into his installations. This is the case with the giant wave installation we see here, a spectacular and visually striking dark green ocean with white waves - a collection of 168,000 discarded straws collected by the artist and environmental volunteers on the beach and in the streets, sifted, cleaned, colored and shaped to create this work. Benjamin's creative themes in recent years revolve around environmental issues and has also collected 4,100 pounds of discarded computers, keyboards, and electronics to put together surreal sci-fi scenes.

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