How do we tear down iPhone 1st to be a tech-style iPhone frame?

Mar 26, 2022

tear down 4s

  Here is a tutorial about tearing down the iPhone 1. if you don’t want to waste your treasure first iPhone, you need to refer to this article content. We will teach you how to disassemble the iPhone 1 generation and make it become an iPhone frame artwork. Click and find useful tear down iPhone 2G guidance.

Do you ever have an old iPhone 1 generation?

If your iPhone 1st doesn't work anymore, there are tools you can use to remove all the parts of the phone and glue them onto the drawings we've designed.

This is a very interesting DIY activity and special ceremony as if the life of this mobile phone has been redefined.

In the process of disassembling it, you will certainly encounter some problems, maybe you can not disassemble a part or encounter the other problems. You may remember the story and memory of this iPhone before......

It all belongs to you.

Modern intelligent technology brings us a lot of electronic devices.

We enjoy the convenient life and entertainment games it brings, but when this device has been replaced by other more loved mobile phones, we need to do something about it.

They are classic, brilliant, and deserve to be remembered by all iPhone owners.


We provide detailed operation steps, you can view and tear down iPhone in the following link.


Use our DIY tool kit and template paper to create beautiful artwork, steps are as follows:

Step 1

Layout the parts of your tear down iPhone 1st one by one.


Step 2

Take out the Xreart DIY tool kit, drawings, and glue.



Step 3

Glue the parts you tore down to the corresponding parts on there own situation on template paper.


Step 4

Put the template paper of the installed iPhone 1 st parts in the frame, you have finished the framework, then you get a classic and beautiful artwork.


Once you've framed it, you can place it on your desk, on your wall, and decorate your room, office, or studio.


This is also a great geek gift.

If the holiday season is around and you are thinking of something special and meaningful to give her/him, this artwork would be a good choice.

When it is hung at her/his home or elsewhere, it will remind him of you whenever he sees it.


The highest sincerity of Xreart.


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