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Jul 06, 2022

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Decoration how to improve our home environment

Decorations are items that can play a role in decorating and beautifying, such as the outline of the decoration effect modeling and carving decoration; or adding something attached to the surface of the body or object to make it more beautiful. Decorations can play the role of embellishment and set off.

Any item that can make the home more beautiful can actually be called decorative items.

Decorations are a part of soft furnishings. Most of the time with not have an item, but a feeling, hope, and expectation for life, a value that he considers worthy.

So, the soft furnishing designer should learn to tell a story, and use words to tell them what change the decorations can bring them!

What can decorations bring us?

1, decorative items can better set the home atmosphere

For example, the color of elegant ceramic decorations will make people feel quite classical, bright colors and exaggerated shapes of the ornaments let people taste a different maverick.

2, decorations can enrich the interior space

Interior space has different styles, and home decorations are the same. Style is different, the shape, color, and material of the decorations will be different, and the proper use of decorations will make the home more layered and have a sense of space.

3, decorations can adjust the home color

If the home is in a single color or wants to change the tone and feel of the home according to seasonal changes or mood changes, you can add different styles and tones of decorations to give the space the flavor they want. Accessories not only play a decorative role, more reflective of personal taste in life.


 1. Frame decoration

framed decoration

A good decorative painting should be matched with a good frame. Because the frame can enhance the visual effect of the decorative painting, it better set off the artistic effect of the decorative painting. The time to match: prints, watercolor paintings with glass to decorate.

 2. Book decoration

book decoration

"A room without books is like a body without a soul." Books have a special charm, they can enhance the affinity of the space. Different rooms can be decorated with books. For example, the kitchen can set up mobile shelves, and put one or two cooking books; the bedroom can also be equipped with a shelf, put some of their favorite books, before going to bed can be used to read.

 3. Decorative painting decoration

painting home decoration

Decorative paintings as wall decorations can add a sense of art to the space. Especially the collector's value of oil paintings, prints, and watercolors give the space art painting color, highlighting personal taste.


 4.Lighting decoration

light decoration

Lamps can provide lighting to the room, especially when night falls, the room can not lack light! Common lamps have table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, and so on. In the choice of lamps and lanterns to do decoration according to the size of the space, style and lighting need reasonable use.

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