Cool Retro Gifts for the People Who Just Love the '80s

Jul 07, 2022

Cool Retro Gifts for the People Who Just Love the '80s

Like other decades, it's easy to look back on the '80s and cringe. Advancements in technology brought us the likes of the Compact disc, The Walkman, Video Recorders, The Microwave, Home Computers, and the first Massive Mobile Phone! It can be tricky to find the perfect gift for the Gen Xer in your life. Here is a spectacular list of gifts for the 80s decade! Here are 5 retro-inspired, Gen X-approved gifts that won’t disappoint.

Xreart Gameboy Frame

Time has seen Nintendo evolve, yet some people will always miss 1989.

This most iconic Gameboy documents the most precious moments and we dismantled and framed it with hand tools to make this console a display-ready piece of art. For you in the 80s, this is undoubtedly the best retro gift ever!



Monopoly Game

Who doesn't LOVE Monopoly? Transport yourself back in time with this Monopoly set, which is sure to be a hit. Featuring all of your favorite Garbage Pail Kids characters, the retro-inspired board game is ideal for kids and adults alike. An American classic that engages all who play!


Studebaker Retro Street Boombox

I Really enjoyed this Retro Radio, it took me back to the 80s when I had one, I smiled, it's all I could ever want, and more.

I can play my CDs on them, blue tooth my music to it. Every time I take it out, and people see me in the park with it, or on the basketball court, they always ask me where I got my Radio? Really feeling like a vintage splurge?




Retro Typewriter Keyboard

The typewriter was the pinnacle of writing devices in the era before computers, the internet, and spellcheck. The return bar looks like it did on the old typewriters.

The Keyboard itself has the steampunk feel with the keys and it does include all of the keys we have become accustomed to on our laptop/computer keyboards.

The sounds are reminiscent of the old manual typewriters, and because those typewriters are now so expensive, not to mention with keys that are difficult to push down, this is a great alternative for the same feel electronically.


Flip Desk Clock

This is a masterpiece of "minimalist mechanical engineering" . The sheer "mechanical minimalism" of this clock is simply awe-inspiring and stupefying; because, despite having countless moving parts, it somehow makes almost no noise whatsoever, meaning no ticking sound, meaning almost no sound whatsoever. For an item that has so many numerous moving parts, the physical quality is outstanding and, indeed, shocking for such an outstanding piece of minimalist mechanical engineering. These retro clocks are great in the office or around the home.


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