The simple happiness of the science geek,Grid Framed SmartPhones

Jul 01, 2021

The simple happiness of the science geek,Grid Framed SmartPhones

Talk about science geeks,The heroes in the American TV drama 《The Big Bang Theory》 might be the most typical representatives of this group. They are a group of people whose life is about innovation, technology, and fashion.

They are born with a love of exploration and creation and hate to follow and follow others. They don't set their limits; They believed in freedom, had a deep disdain for artificial restrictions, and were keen to challenge authority; In their work, they advocate simplifying complexity, believing in the power of design, and pursuing product aesthetics.

iphone frame
One of the world's most famous geeks, Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 -- October 5, 2011), was an American inventor, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Apple Inc. For those who have not lived through the Steve Jobs era, it may be hard to imagine how much of a shock the iPhone made in the mobile industry. When Steve Jobs first unveiled the original iPhone at a press conference in 2007, people were fascinated not only by its humor but also by the changes it brought.

iPhone was a badge of status and taste because in 2007 a lot of people were still using Nokia keypads, and it was rare to see a phone with a big screen on the front.

Grid Framed

Although iPhone created an era in 2007, to say the most classic, I believe people who know will choose iPhone 4\ 4S. If you don't look at the proportion of the front face screen, the appearance level of the glass back is not outdated even today, which can be said to be the peak of Steve Jobs.

Today, buying an iPhone 4\ 4S to use is unlikely, but not to prevent science geeks with another novel way to commemorate the two classic models, the two models were dismantled , the internal parts one by one, and made into specimens, turn Your iPhone4 into a framed artwork.
We've heard of CPUs being turned into keychains before, but now turn Your iPhone4 into a framed artwork. Looking at the exquisite array of iPhone4 accessories, it’s the simple happiness of the science geek.

Grid iphone
Just as the iPhone redefined the smartphone, such a grid framed smartphones redefine our perception of what is old. The craftsman will spend an hour to carefully dismantle him, you know, today's industrial mass production of things are not valuable, expensive is the craftsman's handmade goods.

Having such a playful retro art piece in our home can make our home more attractive. I don't think only the boys will be fascinated by it, but also the girls will be very fond of it.

iphone frame
In 2017, iPhone was born before the 4G network, and few people believed that it would change the world. iPhone 4 can be said to be the most classic and peak product of Apple. Now we make it as a framed art to appreciate. If you're a hardcore Apple fan, or a Steve Jobs fan, this souvenir is worth keeping an eye out for. Check out Xreart here if you like the idea.

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