Top 10 Retro Game Gift of 2022

May 10, 2022

Retro game gift for gamers

Top 10 Retro Game Gift of 2022

While many gaming fans will be on the hunt for Steam and PS5 deals this year, retro game gift still has its charm. The ‘80s and ‘90s were full of fun and exciting things.It is a golden age.
You won’t believe some of the retro game gifts we find online that will have you reaching for your wallet!
Reminisce about those glorious decades and feel as if you’ve been transported back in time with this nostalgic gift guide.
So let’s jump right in with the list of top 10 retro game gift of 2022.

Top 10 Retro Game Gift of 20221.Playdate


It’s a tiny yellow square, not much bigger than a credit card, with a black-and-white screen and a crank that juts out of its side. It looks like a Game Boy from a parallel world. And, much like with the DS and its contemporaries, those limitations and distinct features have inspired a library of games unlike anything I’ve ever played.

 Top 10 Retro Game Gift for Gameboy Color2.Xreart Gameboy Art


Art that focuses on technology, video games, and retro aesthetics is a mixed bag. A large proportion of it is loud and garish, and some are tacky and overpriced. This isn't necessarily a problem, but if you don't have an RGB lit "gamer shelf," it can sometimes be hard to find art that reflects your interests - especially if you are into electronics.

However, there are some exceptions to this, which blend more traditional art framing with technological or nostalgic subjects. Xreart takes old tech, tears it down, and frames it laid out on a labeled template. It sounds simple, but the results are compelling.

Top 10 Retro Game Gift of 2022 3.Retro Mini Arcade Machine


This Mini Retro Arcade machine will bring a sense of the ‘80s into your home. Featuring artwork inspired by the original 1982 BurgerTime arcade game, this fun and exciting game will keep you busy for hours! Perfect for any game room, office, or display case, this mini-game will make a great gift.

 Top 10 Retro Game Gift of 20224.LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System


Retro Nintendo fans will surely appreciate the Lego Nintendo Entertainment System, which is by far one of the cooler kits Lego has released in years. The 2,646-piece set builds a replica console, controller, Super Mario Bros. cart, and CRT TV. It's an excellent display piece, especially when you turn the crank on the TV and watch Mario move across the screen that's constructed entirely of tiny Lego tiles.

 Top 10 Retro Game Gift of 20225.Pac-Man lamp


This remote-controlled lamp is bound to make Pac-Man fans smile. Measuring in at 6.5 x 7.5 inches, the lamp has multiple brightness settings as well as 12 classic Pac-Man sounds.

Top 10 Retro Game Gift for PSP 1000

6. Xreart Retro PSP1000 Art


Top 10 Retro Game Gift of 2022

If you’re a gaming enthusiast and you grew up around the PlayStation brand and the PSP era, this is a nice showpiece.

 Top 10 Retro Game Gift of 20227.GameBoy Flip Lighter


Give your smoking routine some geeky flair by sparking up with this neat Game Boy Zippo lighter. This cool little refillable lighter is wind-proof and comes in a retro Game Boy styled casing that makes this a must-have for any old-school gamer who enjoys the occasional puff.

Top 10 Retro Game Gift of 2022

8. NES Beverage Coasters


No these aren’t actual NES cartridges—they’re just coasters. A party host will give guests a shock when they place their drink on one of these NES game lookalikes.

The set includes eight different coasters with the designs of some of the most iconic NES games like Donkey Kong, Excitebike, Metroid, and more.

 Top 10 Retro Game Gift of 20229.8BitDo Arcade Stick


Give them all the functionality they need for Switch and PC gaming with the 8BitDo Arcade Stick controller. The game controller allows you to map buttons as needed and has two dedicated macro buttons. Most importantly, the screen changes design when the user switches between Switch and PC games.

 Top 10 Retro Game Gift of 202210. Super Retro-Cade


If your favorite retro games are on the arcade, this is your console. It comes packed with 90 arcade favorites, so you’re getting a good amount of bang.

There are officially licensed games from developers like Capcom, Data East, Irem, and Technos so you know there are some gems.

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