How to tear down an iPhone5 and turn it into a framed artwork

Aug 24, 2021

iPhone5 teardown
Electronic products are updated faster and faster. How to protect the environment, Let us learn from the spirit of Gary Anderson and turn waste into art.
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iPhone Frame
iPhone Frame

The iPhone 5 is here, and it brought along the big guns.
4" 1136x640 pixel (326 ppi) Retina display
Apple A6 system on a chip (SoC)
8 megapixel iSight camera
8-pin Lightning connector
4G LTE connectivity
iOS 6


iPhone Frame
The most obvious alteration to the bottom of the phone is the exchange of the large 30-pin dock connector for the diminutive Lightning connector.
The headphone jack is now on the bottom of the iPhone, right next to the updated speaker microphone grille—a series of holes rather than a mesh-covered slot.


iPhone Frame

Pesky pentalobe screws! Good thing our 5-Point Drivers still work on them.
It's incredibly convenient that Apple used the same pentalobe screwhead that they've been using for the past two years on the iPhone 4 and 4S. The screw shafts are slightly different from the screws in our iPhone 4/4S Liberation Kit.


iPhone teardown
iPhone teardown
What's this? A suction cup? We haven't needed a suction cup to get into an iPhone since the 3GS!
Because the iPhone 5 is opened front-to-back, replacing a cracked screen is going to be easier than ever. Thank you, Apple!


iPhone teardown

iPhone teardown

The display connector is held firmly to the logic board by a few simple Phillips screws.
Our spudger makes quick work of prying up the display connector


iPhone teardown

iPhone teardown

The iPhone 5 ditches its lid to show us all of the juicy bits inside.

Step 7

iPhone teardown

Three Phillips #000 screws and a metal bracket hold the battery connector to the logic board.


iPhone teardown
iPhone teardown

We use the Battery removal tab to pull up the battery. Never try to pry soft pack batteries as this could lead to a thermal event!

Step 9

iPhone teardown

iPhone teardown

There are all kinds of metal-to-metal contacts inside the iPhone 5.
This contact connects the metal frame around the front-facing camera to the frame around the rear-facing camera.
Speaking of antennas, a spudger easily pries one end of an antenna connector off of the logic board near the battery.

Step 10

iPhone teardown

iPhone teardown

iPhone teardown

Near the top of the case, we find a few antenna connectors firmly screwed to the inside of the case.
Finally free of its constraints, we lift the logic board up out of the rear case.
The logic board and 8 megapixel iSight camera come out together, leaving several components behind in the rear case—another win for modularity.

Step 11

iPhone teardown
Many of the components that came out with the logic board are held in place with screws and brackets.
Apparently, Apple is very concerned with making sure that all the connectors are firmly seated and won't rattle loose over time

Step 12

iPhone teardown
The underside of the logic board is teeming with components.
Skyworks 77352-15 GSM/GPRS/EDGE power amplifier module
SWUA 147 228 RF antenna switch module
TriQuint 666083-1229 WCDMA / HSUPA power amplifier / duplexer module for the UMTS band


iPhone teardown

iPhone teardown

iPhone teardown

After completely dissecting the logic board, we turn our attention back to the rear case.
Not even a healthy heap of adhesive can stand up to our mighty spudger!
The Lightning connector assembly, which includes the headphone jack, loudspeaker, and lower microphone, comes out next.
It appears that the Wi-Fi antenna is also embedded into the assembly. 


iPhone teardown
The first of three microphones comes out of the iPhone 5 along with the Lightning connector assembly.
It is safe to assume that the microphone located at the bottom front of the device is used for voice commands and voice calls.
The other two microphones remain in the device, for now, waiting towards the top of the phone.



iPhone teardown

iPhone teardown

The Lightning connector looks like it could be swallowed by the the 30-pin dock connector.
Here we can clearly see the eight leads in the new Lightning connector.


iPhone teardown
Further investigation into the Lightning connector shows a neat array of pins and a clip to hold the cable in place.


iPhone teardown
Even with several components remaining, the back case is impressively light.


iPhone teardown
Pressure contacts on the vibrator motor mean that replacing it doesn't require soldering or prying up small connectors.


iPhone teardown
The ear speaker comes out easily with two screws and connects to the display assembly with spring contacts.


iPhone teardown

iPhone teardown

Apple's newest iteration of its classic home button sports an integrated metal support bracket, which we hope will greatly strengthen the oft-used switch.


iPhone teardown
What first appeared to be part of the LCD assembly is easily removed after the turn of a few screws.
This plate is likely used for shielding and heat dissipation. The spring contact near the screw suggests that the plate could also be used for grounding.


iPhone teardown
One of the iPhone 5's biggest selling points was the updated 8 megapixel iSight camera.


iPhone teardown
We have found them! Just as Apple promised, there are more microphones residing in the top of the device.
First, we find the front facing top microphone, presumably for FaceTime and speakerphone capabilities.
And on the back? It's starting to look like a triple microphone! The rear-facing microphone partners up with the rear-facing camera for recording video, and is also used for canceling out background noise when on calls.


iPhone teardown
We're quite happy that the glass/display is the first thing that comes off the iPhone 5. The majority of iPhone repairs are due to a shattered front glass.
The battery comes out with a bit of prying once the front panel is removed.


iPhone teardown
Paste the above components on the iphone paper. If you are using B6000 glue, you need to place it horizontally for 2-24 hours before framing the disassembled phone.

Download iphone5 teardown template here.

 iphone5 teardown parts diagram paper template

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