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Jun 08, 2022

office setup idea

These office design ideas will actually make you want to sit down and complete your to-do list

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The at-home studio should be integrated into the design of the home to ensure that its function and appearance remain coherent, and colors, materials, and furniture can be deliberately selected to harmonize with the home. Designing and decorating a home workspace is not the same as adding a typical office to your home. The key is to optimize the workspace with a home-like feel, so it is important to plan ahead in terms of design.



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Think of the studio as the property within your home, as it is the home office where you may stay for hours to think and create, this space is important, but it should not be overwhelming so as not to overpower the home. However, placing a home office in a corner will only make it a narrow or incongruous space. Instead, integrate the studio into the home to enhance its function and design, and make you want to be there and work.

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Select the right desk and chair for you, although there are many choices, still need to try it out. Take the chair for example, first think about which type to meet the home environment, such as lounge chairs, armchairs, lumbar pads, high back cushions or low back cushions, etc. As for sitting and comfort to physical and mental health is also quite important, can bring better work performance. When choosing a desk, you should consider the desktop, storage capacity, and appearance to meet your personal needs and integration into the interior design theme. A more common problem is the size of the desktop is too deep so that the space can not be used. It is important to think about what the minimum depth is beforehand.

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Your home office reflects your design taste, personality, and nature of work. It is advisable to choose some sortable shelves or storage sets for easy storage and access. Whether it's an open shelf, a storage cabinet, a labeled plastic box, a custom-made cardboard box, or a wicker basket, it's important to fit your needs. Sometimes you can use curtains to hide some of the shelves and boxes so that when you work at home, the entire workspace will look more organized.

Remember to separate work and life! Work is busy, do not forget to interact with their families!

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