XreArt NFT iPhone 1st Generation Frame Limited Edition launches before iPhone 14 series

Sep 07, 2022

XreArt Limited iPhone 2G Framework and NFT launches before iPhone 14 series

Why XreArt Launches NFT iPhone 1st Generation Frame

Fifteen years ago, on January 9, 2007, Apple founder Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone at the "Mac World" event in San Francisco, USA. He introduced it by saying, "This is a revolutionary, magical product that is five years ahead of other phones."

Apple's original iPhone model sold 2.2 billion units after just one year of sales, and now, 15 years later, the company is developing one of its many successors, the iPhone 14.

But you can't forget the first iPhone, which changed the way we use smartphones, and 15 years on, while behavioral patterns continue to change thanks to technological advances, we still rely heavily on our smartphones and the popularity of the iPhone shows no sign of slowing down.

At the moment, it is hard to see if the iPhone will be replaced, as it is still very much supported by Apple fans around the world. Apple now releases an iPhone every autumn and the promotional posters on Apple's website reveal that the launch of the iPhone 14 will take place on 7 September at 10 am Pacific time.

In keeping with the theme of the launch and to mark the 15th anniversary of the iPhone 2G, XreArt is retiring the rectangular dismantled frame of the iPhone 2G on 1 September in a limited edition of 100. A new design, a limited edition numbered nameplate, and the creation of an exclusive NFT collector's item for you.

What’s NFT?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. NFTs can represent real-world items like artwork and real estate. "Tokenizing" these real-world tangible assets makes buying, selling, and trading them more efficient while reducing the probability of fraud.

XreArt IPhone 1st Generation Frame Limited Edition


How do I own the XreArt Limited Edition iPhone 2G NFT?

1) Buy this limited edition frame at

2) Receive your valid NFT address

3) Get a physical limited edition numbered iPhone 2G frame + NFT iPhone 2G frame

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