iPhone 13 leads the pack! Apple will hold two events in September: at least five new products

Sep 10, 2021



There have been multiple reports that Apple will hold its fall product events in September, with the iPhone 13 series being the most anticipated event of the year, but the latest news suggests there will be more than one event in September.


DigiTimes has revealed that Apple will hold multiple product events in September, rather than September, October, and November as it did last year, which is consistent with the recent news that the iPhone 13 event will be moved up.
According to the report, Apple is expected to introduce several new products in September, including Apple Watch Series 7, AirPods 3, iPad Mini 6, iPad 9, And fully reworked 14 - and 16-inch MacBook Pros.
The iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, and AirPods 3 are likely to be unveiled at the same time.

Apple Watch Series 7
MacBook Pros

Every time Apple releases a new product, its previous products will suffer a certain impact. Many people can see from the exposed configuration information that the iPhone 13 this time can be said to be a very upgraded version, specifically, it can be said to be an upgraded version of the semi-finished product of the IPhone12, which corrects many deficiencies of the IPhone12. It makes up for many of the shortcomings of the IPhone12.

apple A15 chip

The first disadvantage is the chip. We all know that IPhone12 is using 5nm primary process, the primary process will certainly more or less have some problems, and the IPhone13 is using apple A15 chip, this chip is improved by the international chip giant TSMC 5nm process, Its performance and power consumption are much better than the chip used in the IPhone12.

The second drawback is the signal problem. Any signal of a mobile phone is the most deadly if the mobile phone signal is not good, it is certainly not much use, this is like what we usually say, call never answer, what is the use of mobile phone, then the signal is not good to a mobile phone is the same.
This time, iPhone 13 upgraded the Qualcomm baseband used by IPhone12 last year, from X55 to X60 baseband. The signal has been greatly enhanced, so that users can feel the fun of mobile phones in the process of using, and will no longer be affected by any interference and inconvenience in the signal.


Finally, the third drawback is battery capacity. As we all know, the battery is a fundamental problem of mobile phones. Many people will say that the battery is not good for the second year after using mobile phones. After receiving several calls, the battery is dead, which is completely related to the capacity of the battery. Last year IPhone12 battery capacity was a lot of apple fans fun, the battery capacity is too small, many people who use IPhone12 will face several times a day charge, go out time carrying the charger situation, the IPhone13 to improve the fuselage space, increase the capacity of the battery, let the battery energy has a lot of improvement, Thus the endurance capacity has also been greatly improved.
The above three points are several shortcomings or deficiencies of IPhone13 after improvement of IPhone12. For these three shortcomings, many Apple fans are very concerned about them, because each of them deeply affects their use. These three improvements are good enough for many apple fans to abandon the IPhone12 and buy the IPhone13 immediately.


For such a model has been improved a lot, netizens consider above all is the price, because we all know the price of apples is not low, although once apple 5, apple 6 price also make a lot of people can be introduced, in the price of apples after 10 let a lot of people can not accept, especially young people, their wages are not particularly high, as apple fans chasing apple can only rely on the charity of parents, if parents do not agree with that is not a waste of their pursuit of apple heart. In fact, for the launch of the IPhone13 price and IPhone12 actually will not have too much change, many apple fans see this speculation has said cook this time to conscience.


Has its unique brand effect for apple mobile phone, from apple 1 to 13 of its use is its unique apple system, the system can ensure that all users in the process of using won't appear the phenomenon of any card machine, and for many of us will face when using the android not enough of a year or two CARDS, You don't have to worry about that with Apple.
The IPhone13 after the improvement of three shortcomings let apple fans happy is no longer need to charge the phone several times a day, and go out without carrying a charger, solve the great worry, then the problem comes, everyone is ready to change to the new phone, so how to deal with the old apple phone?

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