Co-Creation Campaign: Join us in Co-Creating XreArt Epoch Echo Phone Cases

Sep 13, 2023

Co-Creation Campaign: Join us in Co-Creating XreArt Epoch Echo Phone Cases

If you had the chance to communicate with an extraterrestrial civilization as a human and share 1001 pivotal moments, what would you choose to convey?

In the vast tapestry of our world, exceptional individuals emerge from the masses. It takes millions of idle hours for history to unfold, and within that passage of time, truly momentous events come to fruition, casting a radiant glow upon humanity. These moments encapsulate the essence of human courage, exploration, determination, perseverance, sacrifice, and other remarkable qualities. They are eternally etched into the annals of human history.

Have you ever dreamt of seeing your own ideas and designs come to life as real products? Well, now XreArt Studio is giving you that opportunity!

Introducing the Xreart Epoch Echo Phone Case Series, which showcases 1001 instances that forever transformed the trajectory of mankind, represented through captivating mobile phone case designs.

XreArt is excited to invite all our customers to join us in co-creating a brand new series of products. We wholeheartedly welcome each and every one of you to share the transformative moments in human history that resonate with you the most, or to submit your own unique designs.

  • To immortalize your favorite transformative moments in human history on our phone cases, you can easily do so by leaving a comment below or sending them to us via email at
  • To submit your own design, kindly forward it to the following email address:
  • As a token of our appreciation to all customers who share their thoughts and designs, we will be providing an exclusive discount on each XreArt Epoch Echo phone case for your purchase.
  • The adopted designs will be produced and sold, and the designers will also receive an annual sales commission of 15%.

Before you send us your design, please take note of the following:

Your design must be entirely original.
By submitting your design, you grant authorization to HONGKONG HANSA TRADING CO., LIMITED (XreArt Studio) to produce products based on it.
Kindly forward your design to us at


  • Evan
    Sep 14, 2023 at 09:46

    In 1957, a man-made object entered the universe for the first time, orbiting the Earth for three weeks. When humans look up, they can see a small flash of light streaking across the sky at night, parallel to the mythical stars.


  • Clarence
    Sep 13, 2023 at 18:43

    I have to own of your pieces one day!


  • Eric
    Sep 13, 2023 at 18:24

    I’m absolutely loving your creative concept and your swift execution, impressive stuff. As a tech guy and history lover I’ve got a bunch of great history moments I’m eager to share; just need to organize them and shoot them over to your email. Fingers crossed that they can become real products someday! 🤞


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